FFfAW: The prey

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Mark with the blog @any1mark66. Thank you Mark!

My friend, Sam, used to keep snakes in his aquarium filled with pink stones. I never thought it looked like the natural habitat of the snake, but I also knew that Sam was not a boy I could argue with successfully.

I always saw seeing live food just waiting to die inside, but the sight once was more than I could take. I suddenly noticed a flash of yellow and noticed a grasshopper looking back at me.

It almost looked like it was waving the flower to get my attention. Save me; it seemed to beg. How could I resist?

Word count: 100 words

Written for flash friction for aspiring writers


3 thoughts on “FFfAW: The prey

  1. Hahahaha! I have to agree. Seeing live animals in cages with snakes for their food always upset me. The poor things have no chance to get away! So glad you save the grasshopper! Great story, Angie!


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