SPF: Plotting never works

216 11 November 5th 2017

As we were starting a new family, we wanted everything to be traditional. We were wrapped up in all our winter stuff as we plodded along the road to the local firework display. New to the area, we had no idea whether this was going to be any good or not. But you can’t really experience bonfire night without going to some kind of display.

Well, I suppose you could put on a display yourself but that would involve lots of work and some kind of knowledge of gunpowder. I have no knowledge of anything like that and so I thought it was probably best left to the experts.

Before we left, jacket potatoes were placed inside the oven so that we had a hot meal waiting for us.

Everything was planned out.

Heading off into the darkness we made our way towards the display. It was crowded so we knew we were in for a good show. The bonfire was lit and it was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. It was a replication of Pudding Lane where the Great Fire of London had started.

Only then did I realise the camera was sitting in the kitchen.

Written for Sunday photo fiction

This bonfire really happened! It was our local village display at Barnwell Northamptonshire.


8 thoughts on “SPF: Plotting never works

  1. I don’t know how many times have my camera ready for the perfect shot only to realize I’m missing an SD card or my battery is dead. Hopefully the bonfire was enjoyed without the pictorial reminders


  2. This would absolutely be quite a show. It seems so real though in the context of the story, almost making people believe the fake fireand fireworks are actually a huge fire. I like that you combined this with the camera photo for SPF .


  3. A nice story, a great picture, and an initial shock. I was happy to see the word “display” underneath the picture, I initially thought the whole village had gone up!


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