SPF: One with nature

2012 09 September 24th 2017

She looked out of the window and smiled. The garden had been completely covered in a quilt of leaves as the autumn had really taken hold. It was her favourite time of year when everything is at it prettiest. Everywhere seemed to be covered in gold and red of some of the leaves yet clinging to the branches. It was like everything was preparing for the winter that was going to come. The leaves were keeping the ground warm so there was no way that she was going to sweep them up. That was a pointless task anyway.

Gabriella walked into the garden just to watch natures preparation. If it was a fascinating process because it was almost like everything was preparing itself by getting rid of everything old. It was making way for the new growth that would begin after the winter had long gone.

Her gaze lingered at a spot beneath one of the larger trees in her garden. Thoughts turned elsewhere as she briefly considered if the blanket of leaves was keeping the body of her husband cosy. Not that she cared at all. Out with the old, in with the new. Gabriella was one with nature.

Written for Sunday photo fiction


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