SPF: A view to remember

14 John Robinson 17 September 2017© John Robinson

Life had been going so well and heal that fateful day. The day that turned me into an Agoraphobic. I mean, up until that point, my life was everything I’d ever dreamt about. I had a well-paid job doing exactly what I loved to do, my boyfriend was everything I had ever wished for, and I had a wonderful new apartment overlooking the river.

Compare that to now.

I had not seen the outside of my apartment for months. I had lost my job a few weeks ago, and my boyfriend just about the same time. There was no telling how long I was going to keep this apartment and the thought of leaving made me physically sick.

So, you are probably wondering what made me this way? Well, the answer is simple. One day I just happened to glance out the window as a man was manhandling a woman over the edge of the bridge. As she fell I heard myself screaming and that is when the shadow of a man looked up with those piercing green eyes.

He saw me.

I have not dared to leave the apartment since witnessing a murder. Doors and phones remained forever unanswered.

Written for Sunday photo fiction


14 thoughts on “SPF: A view to remember

  1. Actually, someone who is claustrophobic is pathologically afraid of closed in spaces. An agoraphobic is afraid of going outside and wide open spaces and often suffers horrible panic attacks if they do.

    Interestingly enough, the latter disorder is pretty simple to treat. It takes time, but it is effective.

    The 1995 film “Copycat” starring Sigourney Weaver and Holly Hunter, a criminal psychologist who suffers from agoraphobia following a near fatal attack on her must overcome her disorder or be murdered.

    Your story captured all of that.

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      1. I apologize if I came off critically. I have a Masters degree in Counseling and have treated people with agoraphobia, so it’s something I’m pretty familiar with.


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