SPF: Practically perfect in every way

211 09 September 10th 2017

Nothing could beat the surge of water beneath you when you woke up. I couldn’t believe my luck that we had managed to buy this house when it came on the market. It was fantastic in every single way because you could hear the flow of the water without the rocking sensation you got traveling at sea.

Seasickness was something that always grabbed a hold of me whenever I was on water. I had been incredibly disappointed because I absolutely loved the water but couldn’t enjoy it when I was too busy throwing up.

This house was perfect for me because I could hear the water surging beneath my bed and it gave me a great feeling of comfort. I had chosen all the decorations myself and my husband had just provided money.

Nobody guessed the way we had become so rich so quickly. I thought it was blindingly obvious but it was one of those secrets that were away seemed to somehow remained hidden.

Of course, wanting to be near the water was not the only reason this house was so perfect. I mean, where else was I going to hide the bodies from my husband’s hit man jobs?

Written for Sunday photo fiction


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