SPF: All change

208 08 August 13th 2017

The new incarnation of the Doctor had not exactly gone as planned. The fact that the alien being had found itself in the body of a woman was the least of its problems. In fact, it did not care in the slightest about what gender the Doctor was going to be.

The most annoying thing was that the person they were now inhabiting was completely aware of the time that they were living in. Because of this, the TARDIS was met with harsh disapproval. You see, it had been created for hiding in plain sight. The problem was that now police call boxes were very rarely seen.

Something needed to change and the new Doctor was very willing to find something that would fit in a lot better. The problem was, a mobile was definitely too small to jump into even though inside the TARDIS was extremely big. A person would have to fit through the doorway.

She looked about and smiled when she saw the answer. The advertising picture on the Billboard was a house doorway. The text could be arranged in any way that suited the times and the place of landing.

Back to hiding in plain sight.

Written for Sunday photo fiction


24 thoughts on “SPF: All change

      1. It was fixed briefy with Colin Baker’s Doctor, but there was an outcry that it wasn’t the Police Box any more so they broke it again. Don’t know why he doesn’t just go back to where he stole the TARDIS from in the first place and take one that isn’t broke 😀

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  1. Great use of the photo for fan fiction. Indeed those old booths would not be a good place for the doctor to go into or come from in the modern world. Exc lent idea with advertising board.

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  2. I’d read about the female Doctor, though I don’t watch the show. However, it’s my understanding that although the TARDIS is designed to be able to change its appearance, this Doctor’s TARDIS has some sort of problem and can’t change out of the shape of a Police Box. Of course my knowledge may be out of date.

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