SPF: Not the best idea…

206 07 July 23rd 2017© A Mixed Bag 2009

It was the year 3099 so scientists decided to look back on the technological advances of the millennium.

The favourite was not, as many thought it would be, time travel. Even though time travel existed and many people used it, it came with a lot of problems. Too many people had been breaking the rules and changing things in their past so their future would be brighter. Scientists were having a nightmare trying to rectify what people had started to refer to as glitches in the matrix. The term bothered scientists because it was based on at old and long forgotten film which was proven to be false.

The advances in air travel were not on the list either. People had developed high-speed pods that would carry people anywhere and be more environmentally friendly. They were using solar power and the carbon footprint was significantly less than traditional airlines. This sounded perfect on paper, but the resulting problems caused scientists as much of a headache as time travel.

Admittedly, more progress was being made with the air travel system. Now, it could be happily announced the mortality rate had dropped to only a 50% likelihood.

The winner was mental communication.

Written for Sunday photo fiction


11 thoughts on “SPF: Not the best idea…

  1. Laughing here. You are a ray of sunshine, Angie.
    Although I doubt if any of this will affect me too much.
    (Unless you can communicate with me using the power of your mind?)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 50 percent mortality rate eh? Some people I don’t want to mentally communicate with or have an idea of their thinking. Never good to meddle with the past either unless the past is part of the present or has become, which makes everything confusing. It makes me think of ‘Kate and Leopold’ one of my fav chick flicks. Leopold ( a young Hugh Javkmen) from the 1800’s ends up in the present and falls for Kate (Meg Ryan) who ends up going back to the past to be with Leopold.

    Nice write 🙂


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