SPF: Still standing

11 07 July 16 2017 Mike Vore Oh My Photos© Mike Vore

It had been some time since I had last seen my family home. I had been away from my house because I had been studying at a university far away. Too far.

The earthquake had completely decimated my home town and all I saw in the reports were flattened houses and broken families. My heart broke when I was unable to get in touch with my own family. Were they about to become another statistic of the unidentified dead?

There was only one way to rectify this, and I knew exactly what it was. I had to return to the place where I had been brought up and surveyed the damage. I felt slightly sick when I realised that I would probably have to look at corpses in order to give them names.

When I arrived, I walked through all the rubble in the direction of our house. Imagine my surprise when I saw the only intact building in the street. I mean, yes, it was being held up by scaffolding but it had survived. I wanted to go inside but I was advised that it was not safe to do so.

I lost my family but not my home.

Written for Sunday photo fiction


18 thoughts on “SPF: Still standing

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  2. Good one, Angie. Earthquakes are great levelers (pun unintended) They hit everything and everyone with the same ferocity. I hope the protagonist could take some solace in finding his home intact, though he would have preferred the reverse.

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  3. Oh I see now ‘corpses’ not courses. That makes sense now. I liked this Angie. I guess it would be somewhat of a relief to have the house despite losing her family members. It occurred to me though isn’t famil truly one’s home (if you have a good one) and a house just a building without them? Nice write 🙂

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    1. I think the fact that they would have all of their belongings as well as their families left undisturbed in the main part mean it was still a. Thanks for reading. Oh, and as a side note, I have finally managed to get WordPress to save the amended story!

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  4. It was worth going through the links (from e-mail, to “This”, then here to get to this story.

    This is a poignant story for me as I live along the “Ring of Fire” and volcanoes are accompanied by landslides, if not earthquakes. And then there are the tsunamis. At least we have leaders who can assure us that climate change with all the effects it brings is not real (sarcasm injection).

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