Writing Wednesday – 12 July 2017

Hello everybody and welcome to another Writing Wednesday. The idea of this is I am going to write about whatever subject has inspired me this week.

Everybody is welcome to join in, of course, and you can do that by either writing something in the comments or giving me a pingback to your work. (It goes without saying that you should feel free to share your work if you get the urge to do so!)

What am I going to use as my inspiration this week?

The word… Kids.

Growing up

isn’t it ironic that the one thing you couldn’t wait to do is something you really didn’t want? When we were young, there is nothing we wanted more than to grow up.

Now that we are grown-up we want to do is to return to the days we were children and did not have any worries like bills. It has been said a thousand times before, but that does not make it any less true, childhood is a golden age.

It is such a pity that we did not appreciate it.

Is there anything more heartbreaking than watching your own child wanting to be older?


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