SPF: Under new management

205 07 July 9th 2017© A Mixed Bag

I just about skipped down the road towards my favourite place to hang out in the whole world. The White Horse pub. My feet weren’t travelling there for the entertainment alone. All sorts tied me here.

This was the home of the man I had fallen in love with. We had planned that tonight was going to be the night we shared our love with the people of the town. My divorce had finally come through so there was no longer anything standing in our way.

As I approached the familiar door, I saw something that made me stop dead in my tracks. A small sign hung over the door to proclaim that it was under new management. Had he sold the pub in order for us to move away together and start afresh?

The smile on my face disappeared when I walked through the door and saw that everything had changed. Even though the regulars were the same there was something missing.

There was no sign of my man. All his knickknacks that used to rest on the walls were gone. My heart broke as it dawned on me that I had been deserted.

What had I done wrong?

Written for Sunday photo fiction


19 thoughts on “SPF: Under new management

  1. I’m sure she hadn’t done anything wrong and he is a scoundrel. Some men like “forbidden fruit” such as an affair with a married woman, rather than a committed relationship. Maybe the new proprietor will be a better man.

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