FFfAW: The unwanted


This week’s photo prompt is provided by Kecia Spartin. Thank you Kecia!

The pet shop owner sold every single kind of pet that you could think of. It was a very popular place to go, but nobody ever seemed to leave with a snake.

“Why do people not buy snakes?”

The owner patted his young son on the head. “They are afraid.”


“It all started with the Bible. You know, how Eve was tempted to eat the forbidden fruit by a snake. The modern day equivalent would be the use of snakes as evil things in Harry Potter. Nobody buys these things simply because they believe everything they read.”

“Damn shame.”

Written for flash fiction for aspiring writers


32 thoughts on “FFfAW: The unwanted

  1. So true and so sad! Animal’s can’t be evil; all they want to do is survive, but they’ve been the victims of some pretty nasty portrayals over the years. Thanks for sharing such a great and meaningful story.

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  2. Snakes are beautiful creatures, but yeah, I don’t think they’d make very good pets. Not very cuddly, that’s for sure! But then, people have fish as “pets” just to display them, so why not snakes?

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  3. Hi Angie!
    That’s a lovely story. I , In fact, had a friend who had a pet-snake and she was really popular in school , having a snake for a pet being one of the reasons . 🙂🙂😀

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  4. Reblogged this on Read 4 Fun and commented:
    Note the NEXT to the last line. It seems there might be power in non-reading. But we will be overrun with snakes.

    Stop a dystopian future overrun with snakes. Read a book.

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  5. Funny boy, but being in a pet shop, he must know how to deal with snakes a d many pets. I think b/c the devil was a snake, that imagery remains with them as being evil. Not to mention there is a verse soon after Adam and Eve in the Bible saying that god will put “enmity” between Eve’s offspring and snakes. I’ve even heard that snakes once had tiny legs but b/c the devil became a snake/ used it to tempt man, then snakes were forced to slither on the earth. In this context, you can see why many women in particular hate snakes. That his reaction is almost ah innate thing for people. Great writing Angie. Hope you’re doing well this summer!

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