SPF: Hawkeye

203 06 June 18th 2017

Many thought that the eagle resting on the gate was a simple ornament. However, if you look very closely you would see that this ‘statue’ would blink. It was not a statue at all, nor was it any bird we are familiar with. No, this was a mythological creature not unlike a gryphon. The actual name of this being was a Hawkeye.

The Hawkeye had been summoned many years ago when people still believed in the old gods and their ways. The owner of the house had summoned it so that it would be able to keep him safe and act like a guard dog would in modern times.

The owner was long gone but the Hawkeye had remained even though it did not fly down and attack anybody you perceived as a threat. His master was gone, so he silently kept watch.

He should have returned to the void. But, there was a curiosity about him that kept him watching. He was amused by the people changing their beliefs and forgetting everything that had once been taught.

The Hawkeye knew that the old gods would be angry and seek revenge.

He was going to be watching when it happened.

Written for Sunday photo fiction


13 thoughts on “SPF: Hawkeye

  1. I would love to see how the old gods reacted, and the reaction of the people to the reaction of the gods. And the reaction of the Hawkeye to the reaction of the … you get the point lol

    One day the old gods may well step forward again and challenge.


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