SPF: The great game

SPF - June 11th 2017

She had made a bet. Probably a very stupid one but she had made it all the same. She was overconfident and had underestimated opposition when she sat down announcing the start of play.

Her opponent smiled at her as he made the first move. He was not completely confident, to be honest, but he wanted to avert some form of disaster. The choice of play was taken away from him because everything was under her rules. Still, he was going to play to the best of his abilities.

At the beginning of the game, it would have been believed that she was the winner. Every single sign pointed to her having domination by the end of the game. She could picture herself running through those wheat fields in celebration.

However, as these things often do, the game started to turn around. The opposition didn’t seem as insecure as was once believed. Their leader played with some masterful moves and twisted the game to such a point that nobody knew who would win.

When the play was over, Theresa May just stared in horror at the fallen chess pieces. She was still the winner but had lost everything she had.

Written for Sunday photo fiction


16 thoughts on “SPF: The great game

  1. It’s very interesting how chess is a universal symbol of relationships not just romantic but of power and of rulers and governments. Sometimes both. You used the symbol or the metaphor here well. Sounds like it’s good she’s done with him even if he’s left her with nothing. Nothing is as good as any place to start over right?

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    1. She is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom who wanted a general election just to prove that everybody agreed with her ideas. Her opponent, Jeremy Corbyn, was somebody that he had deeply underestimated. He managed to gain a significant amount of votes and completely destroyed her majority. She now has a lower approval rating than Pres Trump. I believe that we would be better off without her. Thanks for reading.

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      1. I have read a bit about that Angie. I don’t as well as you, but from what I’ve read about this lady I think you are right.

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