SPF: Time stood still

09 C E Ayr 04 June 2017© C E Ayr

It was a day the young couple had been eagerly anticipating. Joseph was due to return home from his latest tour of duty. It did being an incredible six months since they had last seen each other. It was hard to keep their newly wedded bliss when you are in separate countries. Not only that, of course, but you were always afraid of a knock at the door to tell you that your loved one was never coming home.

The day his homecoming became a reality she arrived early at the airport hopping about from 1 foot to another. Tabatha could hardly believe her luck as she watched the army members coming through the door and heading towards the baggage carousel.

When she spotted him there was no stopping her. Even though the area was restricted for passengers only she could not stop herself running to pounce on the man she loved. His bag and passport fell to the floor as he eagerly returned the embrace.

The couple felt like time had stood still for them both. In a way, it had. You see, there was a consequence of crossing into the forbidden zone and that meant becoming a statue.

Written for Sunday photo fiction

12 thoughts on “SPF: Time stood still

      1. Not the bag. LOL Look for the small bit of square metal below. I magnified it and it told me the name of the sculpture. After that, it was easy to find out where it’s located.

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