SPF: No longer afraid

I apologise in advance for the dark place that this picture took me to.

201 05 May 28th 2017

Many people would believe this was a picture of an alien. But it was no picture of an alien it was what terrorists look like under their skin.

Terrorism is not the direct result of religion. In fact, terrorism has no religion. It is just trying to spread fear by ostracising people. Please do not be fooled by these articles that will tell you every Muslim is a terrorist. We did not believe that about the Catholics when the IRA were attacking. They killed just as many innocents, but they never seem to be cowardly enough to take their own lives during the atrocities.

We should never forget the innocents that were caught up in this fictional war but this is the time we need to come and stand united against these people. Every gender, creed, religion, or anything else that seeks to divide us.

In a time where everything is trying to drive a wedge between everybody, we all need to stand proud and defiant. If we can all manage to hold hands and show everyone a united front we may end this.

Just think, in the future, there could be a time we are not afraid any longer.

Written for Sunday photo fiction


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