SPF: Traitor’s Gate

200 05 May 21st 2017

As a tour guide, everybody always asked me about traitor’s Gate and the story behind it all.

Turns out, the real story behind it was a boring one. Many years ago, the gate had accidentally closed and crushed a man to death. That man was known as Harvey traitor. The gate had been named after him.

How boring.

So, I decided to make up my own story that I was going to tell the visitors to the castle from this day forward. I mean, intrigued visitors were key.

Many centuries ago, in a time long forgotten, there rolled a king of the local people that was never documented. His name was William Mary. The reason his reign was never documented was because it was so short it did not seem noteworthy. The same day he took office was the day that he died. As he went through the gate, a man who believed he should be king dropped the portcullis onto his head which instantly killed him.

That man took over as if nothing happened. He was Llewellyn the last and this was one of the regions that he reclaimed. Best known for calling himself the first Prince of Wales.

Written for Sunday photo fiction


20 thoughts on “SPF: Traitor’s Gate

  1. I think a lot of tour guides do that (and others, too) — make up stories that sound more interesting than real life. I often wonder how many things we “all know to be true” about these tourist attractions are actually completely wrong!

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  2. I llove the made up story. Allthough Llewellyn The Llast may not be so happy his name was taken and his history alltered for a story.

    I llove the take on the prompt Angie.

    (sorry, coulldn’t resist all the doublle “ll” spots hehe)

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  3. I agree with your speaker, her story is much more exciting and it has that gore factor many tourists etc would love to gear. Great job 🙂

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