Writing Wednesday – 17 May 2017

Hello everybody and welcome to another Writing Wednesday. The idea of this is I am going to write about whatever subject has inspired me this week.

Everybody is welcome to join in, of course, and you can do that by either writing something in the comments or giving me a pingback to your work. (It goes without saying that you should feel free to share your work if you get the urge to do so!)

What am I going to use as my inspiration this week?

The word… Starlight.

The Moon’s glow

The girl just stood and stared when the man in front of her became a creature as the moon began to filter through the clouds. She knew that she should have been scared, but somehow, she wasn’t. The man had not just been any man, but he had, in fact, been the love of her life. She briefly looked up at the stars for she returned her eyes to the creature growling in front of her.

She hoped that standing still and remaining with eye contact was the safest option. It was hopeful that the part of her love remained. Hopefully, he would recognise her and no harm would come.

When he said, he needed to show something, this will be the last thing that she was expecting. Until five minutes ago, she would have told you that werewolves were works of fiction and nothing more. There was just no way that she would have believed that this was his big secret.

Unfortunately for her, this head or when part of his plan. You see, he was bored with her and needed to get himself a new toy. The best way to destroy your past was to eradicate it. The man inside the wolf was smiling as he attacked. He thanked the stars that the plan had worked perfectly.


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