Writing Wednesday – 10 May 2017

It is about time that I did a writing Wednesday again.

So, this is where I am going to write a short story based on the word that has come up somewhere during my day. Everybody is free to join in and can do this either by leaving a comment or give me a ping back to your work. I look forward to reading any 🙂

What word am I using for inspiration this week? The word… Underground.

Beneath our feet

I don’t think anybody was going to forget the day that we all figured out what was going on. There had been sinkhole’s opening up almost everywhere, so was no real surprise to wake up on morning and find this had happened at the end of our very road. However, what was unusual where the apparent tremors that everyone was feeling that seemed to be vibrating from hole itself.

Nobody could resist the urge to go and try and look inside. We were all crowded round the rim when we realised that you could actually hear a scratching sound coming from within. We watched in fascination as the began to move towards the bottom. Everybody was excited to see what was going to emerge as nothing had come out of any of the sinkholes that had opened recently.

Mind you, what came out of the ground was certainly not something anyone was prepared for. When ground opened a claw emerged followed quickly by a head attached to a sinuous neck. It wasn’t until the whole thing had climbed out of the dirt that we recognised what it was. A dragon.

We had all thought they were a legend, but this one appeared to be very real as it watched everybody with glowing red eyes.

It seemed as if I was the only person with the common sense to run away. I heard a loud noise and turned round to see that a breath of fire had ignited everybody I called friends, family, neighbours, or just townsfolk.

Nobody else was able to tell the story of the Dragon, and that is when I realised things so probably come out every sinkhole. The earth was about to be taken over by these creatures, and I was the only one that was going to be able to warn people.

I ran.


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