SPF: Paranoia

198 04 April 30th 2017

The therapist looked at me over the top of his spectacles in the typical way you would assume they do. “So, what finally made you come to seek my help?”

“Something happened to me the other day that made me think my paranoia had reached a whole new level. The level I would need help to escape.”

“I see, make yourself comfortable and then tell me all about it.” He sat there, armed with his notepad and pencil ready to listen to my story.

I coughed nervously, unsure how to begin. “I am a writer, and I was working on the sequel of one by most popular books. There was this fly, buzzing about, landing on me, landing on my keyboard, landing on my screen, and just generally being annoying. I know, you are going to tell me that is what flies do in the summer. It just strayed in and was looking for a way out. Even a part of me knew that. Sadly, it was not the part that was in control. Instead, I decided that it was a drone that had been sent by my rivals in order to spy on my work.”

“You definitely need help.”

Written for Sunday photo fiction


25 thoughts on “SPF: Paranoia

  1. Nice one Angie 🙂
    This reminded me of a movie called makhi (meaning fly in Hindi). The story is about a guy who gets killed by a businessman man, as both of them are in love in the same girl. So this guy is reincarnated as a fly to take revenge on his killer. 😁
    So.. are you sure it was just a fly and not a drone? 😉😉

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  2. I recently wrote a blog post about paranoia… I feel like the entire world is out to get me from the spiders on the ground to the people in the grocery stores half of the time.. it’s so sad it’s comical

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