SPF: Missing bird box

07 John Brand 23 April 2017© John Brand

“I just don’t understand it, Emma.” The loud booming voice of Timothy was enough to make me take off my headphones to listen to what had annoyed him. I was kneeling on the floor, gardening, so I knew that he could not see me because he was standing too close to the fence on his side. “I only nailed it up yesterday, and I had done everything perfectly. The whole thing was secure and now it is just missing.”

The more patient voice of his wife was the one that piped up. “I am sure that there is a simple explanation, Timothy. Have you checked at the bottom of the tree?”

“Of course I have, you stupid woman. I am telling you now that the simple explanation is going to be that terror of a cat that lives next door. They deserve a piece of my mind!”

How dare he accuse our sweet little Benji? I was so close to jumping to my feet in anger when a flash of white fur drew my attention to the tree. Instead of jumping to attention I slid across the floor of the garden in order to hide the evidence in the wheelbarrow.

Written for Sunday photo fiction


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