Lucius: The fallen – Tara S. Wood

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This was quite a strange story about a group of fallen angels. All of the angels have been left with some kind of curse like being blind, deaf, mute, or the other two which were not really explained. One had to cope with emotion by inflicting pain on himself, and the other one had indivisible wings. The explanation behind these two was sadly missing, and, as one of them was the main character, you are kind of left wondering what his curse actually was.

They come across a girl who has just discovered a child in some kind of prison where Demons were probably going to kill him. Whatever was special about this child is not explained either. However, the girl who found him turns out to be very special because she can be where ever she is needed as she is able to sense things other people might miss.

So, because the angels are supposed to protect the light which apparently surrounds her they take her home with them. Then you probably need to ignore the bit where she suddenly decides that even though she has only just met Lucius; she somehow belongs to him and would not dream of being with anyone else.

Her sister appears and finds herself attracted to 1 of the other angels, Jude. He is the one who needs to deal with emotion by inflicting pain. Unsurprisingly, he is trying to fight any emotion that he is feeling for her.

Another girl (who is actually a Demon) soon comes onto the scene and sets about trying to destroy anything good that is happening to the angels.

It is a very interesting story if you ignore the idea of someone saying that they belong to another person without actually having a conversation with them first. It is definitely a page turner because you are intrigued about what is going to happen to the characters.

However, because of the bit that I can’t really get my head past, (I don’t know you but I belong to you) I could only give this 3/5 stars.

Having said that, the next book in the series is about Jude and could prove to be more interesting because he is not likely to just turn round and accept somebody belonging to him. I could quite well find myself trying to find this book.


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