SPF: The clock

06 Jade M Wong 16 April 2017Photo © Jade M Wong

It was said that whenever the clock struck midnight something strange happened. It had never been reported what the strange thing was, but all of the same nobody really wanted to see it.

Barry had never been a superstitious man, so when he inherited the clock he thought nothing about the strange stories that went with it. He just liked the design and so it became a central piece in his living room.

It became a talking point among his friends and so when he said he was going to have a dinner party everybody wanted an invitation. They wanted to see this dragon clock hanging in this man’s house. The party went from an intimate dinner to a big gathering. Not the Barry minded, as he was the party type.

Everybody was looking forward to the event and piled into the house on Friday night so they could all see the clock. Nobody knew the stories that went with it and so they didn’t pay much attention when it struck midnight.

When it did the Dragon awoke and looked around the room. Nobody seemed to notice the small movements and the Dragon smiled as he began to breathe fire.

Written for Sunday photo fiction

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