SPF: The haul

197 04 April 9th 2017© A Mixed Bag

The leader’s eyes scanned the horizon as he contemplated his next move. He turned around and noticed that his crew were standing ready by the oars simply waiting for his instructions. Everybody was satisfied with their latest haul.

He nodded to them. He just needed to check with the figurehead of his boat to find out what was next. The Dragon spoke only to him and that is why he was in command.

Walking up to the front of the boat he put his arms round the Dragon to plant his face at the side. The smell of the polished wood appeased him. The Dragon head spoke within his mind in the usual gravelly manner. Their next task had been set and a smile crept over his features.

“My crew, the Dragon has blessed us with our next task and it is one that you are all going to enjoy. Except maybe Bobby over there!”

Everybody giggled before standing up in unison. They all knew what was coming.

“That’s right everybody, it is tea time and we all need to go home! Tomorrow we enjoy the golden Easter eggs we found today. Good job!”

The kids filed off the boat.

Written for Sunday photo fiction

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