Book review: The Scarlet Thread – DS Murphy

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This book is the story of a young girl called Kaidance. At the very beginning you are showing her being chosen as a baby to carry a putative scarlet thread on her wrist. The story then fast forwards and the next time you see her she is in a mental institution. It turns out that sometimes when she touches people she can see their death if it is going to be a few months away. One day she saw a vision of her brother getting hit by a car. Despite her efforts to keep him safe that is exactly what happened, and now everybody blames her.

She ends up being discovered and being taken to in a new home where she learns about a supernatural war that she is now in the middle of. They know that she has a power but they have yet to work out what it is. Mind you, they do know that she can see people dying.

During her training she manages to upset a member of the family who attacks her. When she is being attacked she notices that she can see a golden thread and she reaches out to touch it. This harms her attacker and then she is told that she is connected to the fates and can see the threads of life. Once they find the Golden shears they hope that she will be their weapon to finish the war.

This is basically a story of Angels and Demons, but they used the Greek gods instead of Christian ones. When she makes an ‘angel’, (Hunter), fall she begins to doubt that she is on the right side.

The book is very well written and a definite page turner. It is book one in a series so it does finish on a bit of a cliffhanger, which is a bit of a shame as I would have preferred to have read a story that could serve as a stand-alone. Having said that, I am quite likely to get the next in line as I really enjoyed the story and the different characters within it.

I would recommend this book to anyone interested in the paranormal, or especially history like the Greek gods. It is something that if I knew more about them in mind to make more sense. I am not about to do research in order to be able to read a book, though.

Mainly for this reason I could only give this 4/5 stars.

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