FFfAW: Unexplained

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Tim Livingston with the blog, The ForesterArtist. Thank you Tim for our photo prompt this week!

There were some things in life that just seemed to come without an explanation. The perfect example of this was Stonehenge. I mean, that structure was just there but no one knew how it got there or what it really represented. It was all speculation.

I felt a chill of either excitement or fear when I stumbled across another unexplained site. Less impressive than Stonehenge, maybe. There seemed to be no logical answer to explain how a car had ended up rusting in the jungle without any connecting roads.

Some things were never meant to be explained. They just were.

Written for flash fiction for aspiring writers


24 thoughts on “FFfAW: Unexplained

  1. Actually, this one probably has an explanation that some research would reveal. Bet there was a road there once upon a time, but if not maintained, the forest would take over again, eliminating any evidence of its former existence. I’d use GPS to pinpoint the location, then when I could use Google, see what I could discover.

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    1. There are some things that I like to think a mystery would exist around. I am sure that you are right in tracking it down, but where is the fun in that! Thank you for reading πŸ™‚


  2. Much to contemplate. Like layers of past civilizations at an archeological site. I am always amazed on how much sediment we create. Landfills are a great example.


  3. Great tale Angie. James is right, I;m sure, but more fun to explore the wonder of it, imagine the mystical in the mundane. Great tale


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