SPF: A modern day myth


194 03 March 12th 2017© A Mixed Bag 2012v

In 2028 the space station, The Independence, which was owned by the United States of America stopped communicating with NASA. This sparked a major investigation which concluded in a rescue mission being sent out to space to try and find the occupants, or what may have gone wrong with their communications systems.

When the rescue team arrived they found that the entire station had drifted out of its expected orbit and was completely unmanned. It was almost as if it had been deserted but this seemed to be unlikely because it was in outer space and the entire crew would not have been able to fit in the escape pods.

Back on earth, the experts were left baffled as they tried to explain the apparent abandonment of their spacecraft. Everybody on it had been experienced astronauts and would have communicated an SOS signal.

It was reminiscent of a very old tale about a boat called the Mary Celeste. The abandonment of that had never been explained, and many believed the same will be true of the abandonment of the space station, The Independence.

The only thing remaining was an unused space suit which had been left hanging in a room.

Written for Sunday photo fiction

13 thoughts on “SPF: A modern day myth

  1. A nice retelling, but if the orbit of the International Space Station were adjusted even a little bit, chances are the result would be a fiery re-entry into our atmosphere. Also, NASA would have detected any change in its orbit from the ground and wouldn’t have to wait for astronauts to arrive to discover this.

    All that said, they’d still send a manned crew to ISS, not only to investigate this mystery, but to maintain the stations orbit.

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    1. As you can probably tell, I know very little about space travel! Interesting to know this though because it would change the story slightly. Only ever so slightly because instead of drifting out of orbit it would still be in its own orbit. Very good information 🙂 I spent too long researching the Mary Celeste rather than space travel, I shall have to slap my own wrist! Thanks for reading 🙂


      1. In space, it’s tough to get any sort of space craft to drift the way a ship or boat might in the ocean. Craft in low Earth orbit have to constantly be making a lot of very small corrections. The very top of our atmosphere is continually providing drag on ISS, plus the effects of gravity make keeping ISS in orbit difficult. Eventually, it will become unsustainable and ultimately, ISS will have to be abandoned and “aimed” at one of our oceans when it finally re-enters the atmosphere to burn up.

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