FFfAW: The best ideas

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Mike Vore. Thank you Mike for our photo prompt!

“Daddy, why do we have a piano in the downstairs toilet?”

The father just smiled at the son. “Well, you know that old saying that you get the best ideas when you are on the toilet? It is actually quite true and so because I get paid for jingles, I have the added feature to help me remember those ideas.”

“Oh, I suppose that makes sense really.” The young boy walked towards the downstairs bathroom and peeked inside to see the piano. “Now I understand why it has no stool with it, you just pull it over when creativity strikes!”

Written for flash fiction for aspiring writers

27 thoughts on “FFfAW: The best ideas

    1. This was kind of inspired by (I hate to say it) Gary Barlow of take that who installed a recording studio in his bathroom to capture any ideas that he had while in their. Thanks for reading and hosting.


  1. Excellent funny take. I wondered why it looked like it was in a toilet too. Apparently the film writer Donald Trumbo used to write his screenplays for Hollywood while sitting in water in the bath. Whatever works I guess!

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