SPF: Boot sale

04-dawnmiller-2-lingering-visions-5-march-2017© Dawn Miller

“What are you selling?”

The question took me completely off guard as the answer was painfully obvious. It was not like I was the new face at the boot sale, I had been coming here for many years. Week after week I was selling garden decorations such as Chimaera’s and ornaments. This week was Halloween, so a lot of my work was based around pumpkins.

I waved a hand tiredly at the tarpaulin everything was sitting on. “Just what you see here. It is all home-made and I will guarantee the quality.” This is the moment that I looked up and noticed the man in front of me.

It felt as though I was rooted to the floor. It had been years since I had last laid eyes on him and I wondered why he had chosen this day to show up. His eyes moved towards the various goods and he began studying them while all of the air seemed to have been drained from my body. I was quite glad he wasn’t looking at me as I struggled to take a breath.

He paused. “What about having a drink with your dad?”

Stunned, all I could do was nod.

Written for Sunday photo fiction


18 thoughts on “SPF: Boot sale

  1. Beautifully written, Angie. Just using the word ‘tiredly’ in connection with the wave of the hand said so much about the the frame of mind of the main character. And the twist at the end – very well done. I think her mood of dejection is about to change.

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  2. It seems like a positive turn of events, although you hint at so much trepidation about seeing her father again — it sounds like they have a lot of burned ground to cover before this reunion can be called a happy one. Well written!

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  3. I had to read through it twice, for me that’s an indicator of the complexity. Well done. To continue the story, I imagine the father walking by many weeks before, not being able to drum up the courage… such is the beauty of fiction.
    Peace. To you Angie

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  4. This is one of those things where British vs American English comes in. I didn’t know what a “boot sale” was. It made no sense to me as I looked at the picture. I read the post and loved the ending. (I have six grown up daughters and I love showing up unexpectedly now and then). Refusing to accept that I didn’t know “boot sale,” I constructed my own reality so that this meeting was a “reboot” of a failed relationship.

    And then I figured it out.

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