SPF: In the cold light of day

193-02-february-26th-2017© A Mixed Bag

I woke up slowly and was only aware of one thing. Pain. It daggered through me and I started to sweat in extreme discomfort. There was a moaning noise and it took me a while to realise it was me. I tried opening my eyes but the blinding light caused, even more, pain.

Time to think back.

What exactly had I done last night? I can remember going to meet somebody new off the Internet. Was I going to be a victim of a serial killer?

Swallowing the dryness in my mouth only to find it replaced by a feeling of roughness trailing along my skin inside my mouth and throat. I moaned again before I could stop myself.

They had to know I was awake by now so I had to really think about how I was going to escape. Once again my eyes opened just enough that I can see the glass of water beside the bed. Without thinking about any of the consequences of my actions I reached desperately for the relief.

Just then something was dropped into the water.

Plink! Plink! Fizz!

“Don’t tell me, never again?” The familiar voice of my sister filled my head.

Written for Sunday photo fiction

27 thoughts on “SPF: In the cold light of day

  1. Neatly done, Angie, though with a bit of tense confusion towards the end – ‘I can see the glass’.
    Did you consider writing the story in the present tense, might solve that problem?

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  2. Oh no, another bender? Been there but you know I remember always recalling most of the night before. I would forget what people said when I was super hammered but pretty much still realized what was going on. She must have really been pouring them back!

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      1. Haha I’ve not tried that. My worse nights were usually because there was so much sugar or sweetness in the drink highballs (vodka slimes or rye and ginger, tequila with well, anything, and later wine).

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  3. Haha luckily I never had that problem. Never had a hangover when I was able to drink, and haven’t touched alcohol in 16 years.

    I’m glad it was her sister, and not what the start of the stpory implied. Well told Angie.

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