Six word story: Postulate

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Global warming isn’t religious… Ignore it!

Written for sometimes stellar storyteller

6 thoughts on “Six word story: Postulate

  1. In this case, there’s such a thing as reducing a complex issue too far.

    I’m a religious person (my wife’s Jewish which has given me a unique view of the Bible as a Christian) and I believe in being a good steward of the environment. For me, being conservative means to “conserve” our resources.

    I’m also an avid follower of science and technology and I do fact check, so I don’t believe in reacting reflexively to anyone’s news.

    Many religious people believe humanity is capable of damaging the environment, however, taking the Jewish point of view, they also believe that Messiah will come and, among other things, save us from harming ourselves and our planet.

    An interesting side note: Judaism has the concept of Tikkum Olam which means (more or less) “repairing the world”. Each Jew is to behave in a way that improves the world in some way, great or small, so it’s a religious value to care for the environment.

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    1. Sadly I could not fit in the Bible in the story. A mean, pagans are all about nature as well. I am well aware of the many religions agree with science. Christianity just has a long battle with science that has gone on for years.


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