FFfAW: The employee

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Dawn Miller for our photo prompt this week!

“Boarding pass please, sir.” I held out my hand waiting for the document while hoping that my jealousy was hidden from my voice and my face. I was yet to experience a trip to anywhere on an aeroplane and that dream seemed to be slipping further and further away.

I had always wanted to be an air stewardess, flying everywhere around the globe and enjoying my time visiting all these new places.

In actuality, I had never applied because I had met the man of my dreams, got married, and had a family. Now I was always too busy to take a flight.

Forcing myself to look up when I had the document in my hands I gave a very fake smile. “Thank you. Enjoy your trip, I thank you for choosing British Airways.”

My greatest regret was that I could have chosen to fly before I had settled down.

Written for flash fiction for aspiring writers

15 thoughts on “FFfAW: The employee

  1. Living with regret is bad enough without having other people parade and live out your dreams in front of you. 😦 I like the way you handled the duality of voice vs thoughts. A great little tale.

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  2. Poor person. Family and travel are not mutually exclusive. My wife went to Italy with her sister last fall and has been to California to visit our daughter maybe three or four times in the past year.


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