Monday journal – 20 February 2017


We find ourselves on a Monday and so it is time for my weekly journal! There is not really that much to catch you up on this week because I have mainly found myself reading a book that I am really enjoying. To the point where I am not doing much else! This is probably a good thing in its own way because reading is always a very good thing to do.

So, my work in progress has not really made much progress! I hope to change that all very soon and get myself going for the week.

This week I will be attending the writers group once again. I have not got round to submitting a piece of flash fiction like I intended to do but they have given me some reading to do and feedback on. I might send them something I have done in one of the challenges just to see what they think of my style of work.

Last week I saw Jack Whitehall in Nottingham which was a really good night. He wasn’t quite as funny as I hoped he was going to be but it was still very entertaining. He was an excitable chap! Roll on next month when I go and see Russell Howard.

I have still been doing my challenges in flash fiction and I still love the idea of making a story from a photograph. I really like seeing the direction everyone else has gone from the same picture because they are always very different!

Until next week, stay creative 🙂

Leave your opinions and thoughts :-)

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