SPF: The promise


We were looking around an antique shop for something to buy our latest grandchild when I saw something had instantly stopped me. It was the flash of red that caught my attention and I made my way over to look at the child’s toy that had grabbed my gaze.

“Nicely spotted, Amber, this wooden toy would be perfect for keeping a baby amused at night.”

I frowned up at my husband. “Wood? I am not sure it is made of wood.”

“Of course it is, woman, what on earth do you think it was made of?”

Looking closer to try and work out my answer I thought the golden eyes of the Dragon turned towards me. “Don’t be afraid. Only believers can see me for what I really am. I suppose this makes you special. If you buy me I will definitely keep an eye over your grandchild and in return I want you to promise me that when he is old enough to not need me you are going to set me free.”

My response was to break out in a smile. “Tom, I think we need to buy this.” I picked it up and whispered my promise.

Written for Sunday photo fiction

25 thoughts on “SPF: The promise

  1. This is a lovely story. I like that the Grandma is a believer and that the dragon will watch over her grandchild. The setting free part is the best. It made the story cone full circle for me. Like Aladdin and the Ginie.

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