Monday journal – 13 February 2017

Hello, everybody!

It is a Monday all over again so it is time for my weekly roundup of things going on in my corner of the world. There is not much to say writing wise because, apart from the challenges, I have not got round to doing very much of my work in progress. It has made some progress though so I am pleased with that.

The main thing I have to talk about, as the writing group that I attended last week. It was a really great experience to watch people sharing work and talking about it so that it can be improved. I am going to put in a piece of flash fiction for the next meeting and see what comments I get feedback about my work. I will, of course, let everybody know after the event!

Tomorrow is the day that I will be off to watch Jack Whitehall so I am really looking forward to that one. Also, all of my plans for my 40th birthday barrel finally coming together so it is going to be a very good year!

I wish that there was more to me to report on but it has been a very quiet week this week. I will have to try and change that 🙂

until then, keep having fun!

Leave your opinions and thoughts :-)

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