FFfAW: The quiet boy

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Jessica Haines. Thank you Jessica for our photo prompt!

As I went to drive home from the school that day I noticed him. It was Fred, one of the boys from my class. It was almost as though it was the first time I noticed him as he took slow, shuffling, steps in the rain. His hood was completely covering his face and his hands were shoved deeply into his pockets as he moved along.

The bag he had strapped to his back looked incredibly heavy and I immediately felt sorry for him. I am not sure why but I just put the image to the back of my mind and carried on driving so that I could get home.

Looking back, I should not have been surprised when he did not turn up at school the next day. The rumour of the quiet boy’s suicide filled me with a dread that built into a crescendo until it was confirmed in the staffroom.

I could have stopped this if I had not been in such a hurry to get home.

Written for flash fiction for aspiring writers

16 thoughts on “FFfAW: The quiet boy

  1. Oh my! Such a tragic story, Angie. Sadly, the young boy committed suicide and she feels bad because she didn’t stop on her way home. My niece committed suicide 3 years ago and there is always that thought at the back of your mind of what could I have done to stop it?

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  2. Did you mean [ foot or hood ] -Suicide always hurts those surrounding the one who cannot cope with life. Such a sad story but important to tell it – well done.

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  3. this is a poignant reminder that we are all part of a community and need to live like we are part of it , not just with our own busy lives, really touching story – lines that flowed like the water

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  4. Oh, such a tragedy! I can imagine how any teacher would feel having gone through a situation like this. The poor lad must have been desperately unhappy to do such a thing. It’s often hard to know, especially from a distance, whether someone is seriously unhappy, or just in a bad mood that will pass. But that teacher will always wonder whether she could have stopped him doing it.

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