SPF: Perfection

01-ceayr-29-january-2017© C.E.Ayr

It was a perfect day. Almost too perfect.

Today was the kind of day that people were going to bring picnics and have an enjoyable family day sitting beside the river as they watched the boats go by. The sun was beating down and the water was incredibly calm as everything gently moved along in the current.

Everybody was eating their sandwiches and just generally talking about the current events of the day along with how wonderful the weather was for the time of year. Colourful blankets littered the grassy banks as things drifted by.

Stories began to be made about the boats and the people sailing them. For example, the family holiday going on in the blue boat where the father was steering as the mother struggled to cook a lunch on a moving vessel. You could just about picture that along with the teenager who looked like he was doing some backseat steering.

Sad but true, nobody noticed the very real story going on in the obscure white boat. Nobody was paying any attention to the fact there was an unmanned rowing boat drifting down the river by itself.

Nobody noticed the naked and lifeless body inside it.

Written for Sunday photo fiction

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