Book review – Two degrees of separation – Ange Chan

I read this quite a while ago but have just realised that I never reviewed it! So, I thought I had better get round to doing that and so I will do it straight away!

This story involves a group of friends who are quite different people but have just managed to become connected because of various happenings. At the centre is the main character who has just found out that her husband is cheating on her with another woman. Separation and divorce happen very quickly and the story is all about her trying to adjust to her new life as a single woman.

In order to start coping she goes to Cornwall so that she can be on her own. While she is there she meets a man and they form a connection which, they discover, runs deeper than the holiday romance she thought it was going to be.

Once she is back home a friend of a friend becomes a solid friend to both girls that began their journey together. This nearly falls apart when the discovery is made that the sister of the new friend is the woman the main character’s husband was cheating with.

After that, you are actually dealing with the various adventures the three girls have as they struggle not to be completely single.

The book actually reads quite well and there is definitely enough going on to keep you interested and turning those pages. The only problem I had was just a personal preference of my own which is to try and go from one person’s point of view in each scene and not do the head hopping that goes on quite a lot in scenes.

However, like I say, this is just a personal preference and nothing that goes against the book in general.

It is very descriptive and you can actually imagine all of the different scenes and the emotions involved. This would be recommended for people who think it is too late to do anything with their lives. Basically, it is a feel good read!

I gave this book 4/5 stars.

2 thoughts on “Book review – Two degrees of separation – Ange Chan

  1. Wasn’t sure if this would grab my interest or not, so downloaded the sample. While the writing in the sample didn’t work for me, I liked the author’s prologue poem, “Where to Find Love.”

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