Write it Wednesday

So, I thought I would start a new feature on my blog. It is going to be called write it Wednesday and there’s where I am going to write anything that I am inspired to do so on that particular day.

Everybody is welcome to join in.

What am I going to use as my inspiration this week?

The image…


(I did not have time to do this week’s Sunday photo fiction on Sunday or even afterwards and so I am doing it today! Follow the link to read other contributions or even joining yourself!)

There are no rules regarding limit of words, but try to keep it below 500 to keep people’s interest 🙂


My induction happened on the day I least expected it to. It was just a normal day, not an anniversary, or birthday, or any day that stood out in the general calendar of things. Nothing like that.

I was going in between my classes for the day when I was ambushed both in broad daylight and public. Nobody did anything to help, or even seem to bat an eyelid as I screamed and flailed about completely unsuccessfully before being put in some kind of sack and thrown into a van.

Maybe people to saw the behaviour as usual? It seemed unusual to me. This was probably why my dad had warned me not to go to university in that city.

The van stopped and I was unceremoniously carried into a room where the sack was removed. I looked about me in a panic and the first thing I noticed was the chalice in front of me that almost looked like it had been made out of bone. It made me shudder.


I wildly shook my head. “What is in that?”

“Coffee. All of our coffee mugs got broken. Now, are you ready to discuss work as a double agent?”

9 thoughts on “Write it Wednesday

  1. Loved that twist at the end! Sounds like an exciting start to life as a double agent, if you ask me haha.

    Write It Wednesday sounds like a great new feature. Looking forward to seeing what stories and poetry come of it!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Neat take Angie. Undercover agent or not, I’m not drinking from a glass made with a skull and probably containing blood many times in its history. Well written 🙂


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