Monday journal – ninth of January 2017

It is a Monday once again and so it is time for my weekly roundup of what has been going on in my corner of the world.

Well, as I stated last week I was going to write the beginnings of the story that I had before deciding the best way to go forwards. I did just that and have decided to write the story from Jordan’s point of view. This means I will be writing the whole thing from a male perspective which may seem a little bit strange for a female writer, but this is the method that works the best with the story. As most of it was written already I hope that this will be a quick process of rewriting. I suppose I will find this out in the coming weeks.

I am also back to doing the various challenges although there are a couple which I have yet to return to. I will probably get round to this in the next couple of weeks.

Instead I have started doing write it Wednesday which will be inspired by anything that I am doing on that particular day. People are welcome to join in although this is hardly a mandatory thing. I have found that writing something every day tends to help when I am working on the bigger project I have going on.

The hope is that other people enjoy my work and I look forward to reading any comments on what I do.

Until next week!

Leave your opinions and thoughts :-)

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