SPF: A new start?


What in the hell had happened last night?

To be honest, waking up in a strange room with no memory of the night before was pretty average being a university student. This was definitely unusual though because some part of my brain actually recognised my surroundings.

I peered around the sparsely furnished room and managed to get off the small cot that I had been asleep on. The thin curtains covering the window did very little to keep out the light of the morning. They also did very little in hiding the bars that gave everything a stripey appearance.

There was no denying that I was actually in a prison cell.

Nothing was left for me to do but ponder the possible reasons that I could have ended up going from that New Year’s Eve party to waking up in a cell. It certainly wasn’t the way that I wanted to start a New Year. Actually, it wasn’t the way I wanted to start any morning, let alone New Year’s Day.

My memory was a total blank. I couldn’t even remember leaving the party, or even the countdown which would have happened.

Maybe more sleep would help.

Happy New Year!

Written for Sunday photo fiction

27 thoughts on “SPF: A new start?

  1. I wonder if he can remember his own name. Not the best way to wake up. And not the best place to wake up. I wonder if it is even New Year’s Day. Would be interesting to see what caused it. Although sometimes what is left unsaid is better

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