FFfAW: Through the glass

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Joy Pixley. Thank you Joy for our photo prompt this week!

What had I become? It wasn’t that long ago that I stood proudly as the tallest tree in a forest. There was always somebody sitting beneath my branches to gain the shade from my many leaves as they ate their food.


Well, now, my leaves had deserted me as had all of the humans who revelled in my beauty. Now, they came instead to gather the trees lucky enough to keep their leaves. Instead, those evergreens would be watching the humans as they ate whilst sparkling with lights and decorations.

Me? I remained on the outside looking in.

Written for flash fiction for aspiring authors

7 thoughts on “FFfAW: Through the glass

  1. Maybe once they see what happens to the trees after the decorations and lights come down, they won’t be so jealous…! Nice story Angie, loved the voice of the melancholy tree. Well done.


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