SPF: White Christmas

This is not really a story, among over 200 word thinking aloud that was brought into mind when I saw the picture! Maybe I will try and think about a story during the day, so watch this space as something may happen… Maybe!


It is the season, allegedly, when snow will dust everything with that pure whiteness. Maybe those Christians decided that it best represented the innocence of the Virgin Mary when they stole the holiday from the pagans. I am not sure we will ever know quite why snowfall became a representative of Christmas.

I can’t even remember the last time there was a white Christmas. I don’t think it ever happened at any time during my memory. The closest we came was when there was a hard frost and everything looked like it was covered in snow.

These days I think we ought to have a white Easter rather than hoping for a white Christmas. Or maybe, just maybe, we ought to turn into the likes of Patrick Stewart and sing a song that simply says, ‘make it so’.

Even so, Christmas morning will find many an excited person rushing to the window in the hope of flinging back the curtains of finding the ever rare dusting of the white stuff that we call snow.

Maybe this year will be the time when the snow finally descends on Christmas Eve to shine like a beacon of hope in the winter sun.

Written for Sunday photo fiction

By the way, the song I am referring to can be seen at https://www.facebook.com/joelspeck/videos/629762275819/


26 thoughts on “SPF: White Christmas

  1. As soon as you mention Patrick Stewart, that song hit me.♫ Make it So ♪ I love the “Shut up Wesley”

    I do like this post. We officially had a white Christmas a few years ago. They classed it as that for the bookies for their payouts. There was a few flakes on top of the meteorologist office. I know in 1996 it snowed badly on 28th December, it was the day my ex-wife’s grandfather died. There was a lot of snow, so it may have been snowing on Christmas day. On the list it is down as being a White Christmas.

    I think we have been close to a white Easter before.

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      1. We are down in the south east. Dover. We were in Folkestone at the time. We have always said we have our own weather system. In 2010, I moved in with someone in Leicester. When we left,the snow was so deep, we had to dig the car out first. We went through the Dartford Tunnel, and there was nothing. No sign that snow had ever fallen.

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    1. I thought the same thing, Al — Love that video (I love anything Picard). And the “shut up Wesley” is hilarious, poor kid.

      My parents still get white Christmases in Michigan, so when I visit there for the holidays I “get” to deal with the snow maybe half the time. It can be pretty, but when you have a three-hour drive to your relatives, suddenly snow and ice is not so welcome!

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  2. Haha, I love this. It’s very true. I do remember a couple of proper white Christmases when I was a kid, but it’s been a long time since we’ve had one. And the snow usually comes nearer to Easter here (Scotland), so we may get a white Easter soon!

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  3. We don’t have white Christmases here in Bristol – hardly ever have a white anything, too warm. And Charles Dickens gets the blame for our society’s association with Christmas and snow as all of his festive stories were sprinkled with the stuff. He grew up at the end of what’s called the Little Ice Age (16th to 19th centuries), so many of his childhood Xmasses were white. And of course the world has been warming ever since.
    Nice seasonal rant, Angie

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  4. Interesting thoughts Angie. I think in more recent but not too recent history, movies like ‘White Christmas’ with Rosemary Clooney and other old Hollywood era movies have a lot to do with this connection. Also where I’m from, we’ll winter and snow are usually 8 months a year. So in that light makes more sense I think. I do not think the Christians stole the organ holiday as much as joined in and attributed their own meaning and name to whatever the holiday was called festivus or whatever.

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  5. Love this little introspective piece! Don’t change a thing 🙂

    I lived in Buffalo,NY for twelve years. We usually had a white Christmas..as well as a white Halloween, white Easter, and only a 40% chance of a white 4th of July 😉

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