Inspiration list

This is my inspiration list for my work in progress, Dreamweaver.

  1. The first thing on the list is interesting because it is not a book, film, or even a TV programme. It is, in fact, a lyric from the song Kings and Queens by 30 seconds to Mars. There is one line in the song that simply says, “In defence of our dreams.” It was that line that basically forms the idea of a dream Guardian that would protect those dreams.
  2. Film: Inception (if you are going to write about dreams then this is going to have to appear somewhere in your inspiration list!)
  3. Film: Sucker punch (again this is a film that involves dreams within dreams and is very inspiring in the way it is based)
  4. Book: False memory by Dean Koontz (this is not really about dreams but mainly involving mind manipulation. It also gave me inspiration for my antagonist, Warren.)
  5. Book: Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. (As well as giving me the name of my protagonist it also leaves you questioning whether or not everything experienced was simply a dream.)
  6. TV programme: Criminal minds (this helps you build up a background of your characters and makes you realise that nobody does things for no reason.)
  7. TV programme: Westworld (this would be a really recent edition to my inspiration list but now I am watching it I know that my writing will be affected by it.)
  8. Place: Las Vegas (it is a place where anything goes and nothing will be questioned so having visited there I knew that it is the only place that I could set my story.)
  9. Book: Game of thrones by George RR Martin. (This was actually inspiring because of the way that it was written from one point of view in each scene. I like the idea of this very much.)

10. Film: Requiem for a dream. (This was inspiring for the way that people coped or didn’t when things started to go wrong.)

Leave your opinions and thoughts :-)

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