SPF: Mother Nature


The low rumbling noise caught everybody’s attention and they went outside to look up at the active volcano they lived at the bottom of. The dark clouds seem to split around the white.

Mary Anna grabbed hold of her husband’s hand as she looked at the sight of the ash cloud rising into the sky. “This is hauntingly beautiful, and it never gets old.”

Simon squeezed her hand softly in agreement. It was certainly something that they were getting used to living in the area. However, every time it happened it was like they had never seen it before. “Sometimes nature takes your breath away.”

All of the villagers were standing still gazing up at the mountain. There was no fear around them because they needed that the volcano produced ash on a regular basis. They would only need to panic if they could see the fire that would indicate an eruption involving liquid magma.

Sadly, nobody had noticed the change in colour at the bottom of the cloud. The oncoming threat was only noticed when it was too late.

The statues of Pompeii would live forever.

You see, Mother Nature can really take your breath away if she wants.

Written for Sunday photo fiction

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