Election results in America

I can’t say that I am surprised by this. In reality, we all saw this coming. Still, it is slightly depressing to see that hatred is more popular than unity.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not exactly a supporter of Hillary Clinton. Actually, I don’t think either of them should have been running for president. In my opinion, Bernie Sanders would have made a much better candidate although it was quite nice to see that they have the chance of the first female president.

Obama was the first black president so it would be nice to follow him with another first (especially since the UK has our second female Prime Minister and I think the two would have made an interesting combination.)

But, no, America has decided that a partnership with Russia is a better option.

Should we be worried about that? Probably. Sadly that is not the only thing that spells out trouble. Trump is a man that wants to ban every Muslim, build a wall over the Mexican border (because, you know, that worked so well in Germany), treats women as objects, and even blamed Obama for setting up IS. Not only that, of course, but you have the fact that he is a sexual predator that has found himself accused by many people. Instead of facing up to that, he wants to put everybody in prison that has had the audacity to accuse him of anything!

It was a sad day for everyone that exists in the minority of any description. Religion, race, and even sex are now a hindrance. Every move that has been made in the way of progression seems to have been swept aside. I even wonder if there is any hope for things like gay marriage to continue.

This is far different from a political thing. It is more like taking steps backwards in time towards Germany in the 1930s. Did anyone study the rise of Hitler during this time? History seems to be repeating itself by spreading fear about certain aspects of the community. (Religion, immigration, race)

We can only hope that history is not about to repeat itself.

I can’t say that I am hugely certain about this.

7 thoughts on “Election results in America

  1. Trump may not realize it yet, but he will crash and burn. A lot of his extreme stuff was political posturing and he probably was aware of it. Which brings back the issue of lying constantly.

    The US has two systems which protect us from anomalies such as Trump. One is the much referred to “check and balance” system. Trump may not know it yet, but he is neither a king nor an emperor. He is an executor of laws created by congress and validated by our supreme court. The second more pernicious system is our bureaucracy. It is not voted into being but when bureaucrats want to slow something down or block implementation with procedural rules, it is game over.

    Not a perfect system or solution by far but the country is not going to fall; it will just stumble haltingly through the next four years.

    Do you recall what Europe said about Jimmy Carter? What a mess that was!

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