Book review – Tales from the suburbs – Justin David

This is a very quick read that is three stories about the same person at various times when they are growing up. Basically, they are gay and struggling to come to terms with it as they are ageing. The last story is about when he is about to come out but his family believe he is moving in with a male friend.

There is no real tension as you get to know the various members of the family and the things they usually do. It is set sometime in the 80s I believe although my musical history may be wrong! I believe this is when boy George started to appear.

It is a very easy read that does not involve much in the way of thinking. Instead you are free to create those scenes in your head and build up a good image of all the characters and their relationships with each other.

I would have liked to have seen moments of self-doubt about being different, or some awkward conversations with some of his friends or family. All in all though it was a very good story about general acceptance.

In the end I gave it 3/5 stars.

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