FFfAW: The higher road

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Yinglan Z. Thank you Yinglan for our photo prompt!

When we were going to move into our new home the excitement overwhelmed us. It was going to be our first home and it was completely perfect, even down to a small part of the white picket fencing.

However, the day we moved in I saw my new neighbors wrinkle their noses in disgust at the family that was moving in. You could almost see them thinking white trash.

Out of pure spite, I made every effort to prove them right by making sure that we littered our yard with spare tires, trailers, and everything else they would have expected from a young single mother.

My young son was higher than that, though, and one day I woke up to find that he had extended the white picket fence so they were no longer in our view, and they could no longer judge what we had.


That day I set about tidying the yard.

Written for flash fiction for aspiring writers

14 thoughts on “FFfAW: The higher road

  1. Yuck, judgemental neighbours. I can’t blame the mom for littering the yard, but her son had the better idea 🙂 Nice take in the prompt.


  2. Now the neighbors can think what they like, and she and her son can live the way they want to and without the gawking neighbors. With those kind of neighbors, her and her son are better off not even trying to be friends with them! Wonderful story.

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