Just out of interest…

There was a very good and interesting discussion within one of my writing groups on Facebook.
I think it would be very interesting to see what everybody else answers that this.
The question was,

What books are you supposed to like but really don’t?

For example, my answer to this one was to kill a mockingbird which I can’t stand at all. I am never going to work out why people think this is a classic book.
Now I am sure that this answer will probably prove controversial.
So, give me your answer or argument over mine!


15 thoughts on “Just out of interest…

  1. “Go Set a Watchman”. I felt I had to read it because of “To Kill a Mockingbird.”
    As far as “To Kill a Mockingbird,” I think it retains its “great, classic” label solely because of the time it was published. I have to admit, at the time it was a brave POV.

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  2. Hey Angie. I’m late to the discussion. But I have a few . . . Wutherimg heights can’t make it past alf-way through, I loath Moby Dick – book, movie, entire story, and I have read Jane Eyre about three or four times in university, profs kept picking it. I hated how it was so depressing and I mean Jane could be pretty if she smiled and tried a bit, And Mr. Rochester loosing his hand and site. . . Depressing. More recently, I’ve tried to read some of JK Rawlings non- Harry Potter efforts, and have been bored. I also was part of a book club, but I always hated the books chosen. The famous Jodi Picoulet book, “My Sisters Keeper,” couldn’t get through it, movie was sad but good though.

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      1. I think you either love them or hate them , depending on the book. I love Emma, Pride and Prejudice, The Scarlet Letter, Alice, and a few others. But some of them are really miserable reads . . . Some Charles Dickens I forgot to mention too. . .

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      2. There is one author that I should really like but there is something about his work that just doesn’t sit right with me, and that is Stephen King. Mind you, he does give some really good advice and writing.

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      3. I bought his writing book. I haven’t started it yet,trying to finish another one first (on writing). I went through a Stephen King phase, a general phase in horror fiction. Some of his stories are the best, some very creepy. One that has always stuck in my mind was Cujo and of course, the Green Mile. And I did read some of his less famous ones and short stories. But I do find after a while, they’re very much the same? What do you think?

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      4. I think his books do some similar patterns, but then you are bound to get like that if you write as many books as I! I just wish he would listen to his own advice like not writing a scene that is not needed.

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      5. Haha, I agree. Many writers do the same thing as him most John Grisham, Nora Roberts, Dan Brown, just to name a few . . . Once in awhile one is good,but it’s not something you can handle many of 🙂

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