SPF: Broken fairytale

I found myself walking around the stranger’s house while he was preparing a meal. My mother had always told me that you can tell a lot about a person from the books that they read. Unsurprisingly, I went towards the bookshelf and started to look at the various books nestled on the shelf.

His interest in digital photography was obvious and I made a note to ask him about it over dinner. I would love to see pictures that he had taken after reading these books. They must be amazing.

Mind you, reading, in general, was a good sign. Maybe my Internet dating had finally struck gold. I drifted around the room soaking up everything that was there. Tonight was going to be in the night that everything went right. From the looks of the books that were around I had finally found somebody worth meeting.

He came into the room behind me. “Do you like reading?”

Turning to him I nodded my agreement. “It is a passion.”

The unexpected blow to the head made me stagger forwards. The last thing that I was going to hear was his voice telling me that everything turned out like a broken fairytale.

Written for Sunday photo fiction.

20 thoughts on “SPF: Broken fairytale

  1. She seemed so happy and looking forward to this date. What an awful way to have it end with a blow to the head and some weirdo telling her “life was a broken fairytale.” Apparently, he was more broken than most people in life. Great write Angie.

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