SPF: The reminder


She often wondered why the building remained as rubble in the middle of the city. It was there every day when she had to walk past it to go to school. The crime scene tape of long ago still fluttered in the breeze around the building. It was haunting.

On her last day of school Samantha had asked the teacher about it.

“The building was used as an apartment block at the start of the millennium. The reason it got left behind was to serve as a reminder. You see, humans can be very destructive things and it is a lesson we should remember. When you start to learn your history you will learn about the great War that ripped through everywhere during 2038 and that was the first building that was bombed in our country. Nobody knew any danger was coming our way because everything was happening at a distance. We were stupidly relaxed and did not even flinch when that plane flew over.”

Samantha thought about what she was being told. “Why would we need to remember people dying?”

“No dear, it is to remind us to stop being so complacent. We are always at risk from ourselves.”


Written for Sunday photo fiction

11 thoughts on “SPF: The reminder

  1. This is very deep Angie. And lessons we all need to learn about history (or future history) and no one seems to ever remember for long. As you say in your end line, people become “complacent.”
    Great write!

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